Funding Opportunity

Hearst Foundations: Social Service

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Type: Foundation

Due Date: Rolling


Match Required: No Cost Share

Overview: The purpose of this program is to support direct-service organizations that tackle the roots of chronic poverty by applying effective solutions to the most challenging social and economic problems. The funding agency prioritizes supporting programs that have proven successful in facilitating economic independence and in strengthening families. Ultimately, funding is intended to ensure that people of all backgrounds in the United States can build healthy, productive, and satisfying lives.

Funding will be issued via program, capital, and general support awards. On a limited basis, endowment awards will be issued to organizations that have an existing endowment with the funding agency and a track record of strong performance and consistent stewardship.

Preference will be given to programs with the potential to scale productive practices in order to reach more people in need. Preference will also be given to:

  • Affordable housing
  • Food banks and food delivery, provided that the services are program-related
  • Job creation and job training
  • Legal services for those in need of legal representation
  • Prison education and reentry programs
  • Two-generation family programs
  • Youth development
  • An organization’s national headquarters for wider initiatives instead of local chapters