We Build Trust

  • Being respectful and trustworthy with communities through honest dialogue and follow-through vaccine response designed and led by trusted messengers in communities
  • A whole-person approach that addresses people’s mental, physical and social well-being together in the context of vaccinations
  • Offering trustworthy information and sensemaking

Strengthen Civic Capacity

  • Connect health departments and nontraditional trusted community messengers
  • Connect trusted messengers with each other and with civic leaders across boundaries
  • Work with traditional and nontraditional vaccine and well-being ambassadors 
  • Build communication campaigns to address misinformation and disinformation
  • Use real-time data to drive an equitable and strategic response and resilience strategy

Transform Systems

  • Acknowledge underlying legacies of racism, colonialism, and other inequities that led to current inequities in health and life outcomes
  • Engage in policy and system change to address structural inequities
  • Lean into this moment to shift discriminatory narratives, policies, and structures