RISE Resources for Communities

We’re making it possible for everyone to thrive through our COVID response. By matching those who have earned trust within diverse communities with people who are at risk due to physical and mental health conditions and other social and economic factors such as food insecurity, fear of deportation, under- and unemployment, inability to pay rent or mortgage, etc. 

COVID Trustworthy and Equitable Implementation Guide.

 A variety of strategies and resources are needed to reach people in our communities to prevent further spread of COVID-19. We have created a variety of trainings to help communities stay healthy.  The RISE training is available in both English and Spanish languages.  This is open for Vaccine Ambassadors, Community Organizers, and Community leaders.

Training topics include :

  • Vaccine basics

  • Addressing vaccine hesitancy

  • Addressing misinformation and disinformation

  • Data for power

  • Community organizing

  • Narrative change

  • Advancing system change in the context of COVID19

Please click here to access these training sessions.

To learn more, please email us at RISE@weintheworld.org.

Communication Tools and Resources 

Tools and resources to help you successfully address vaccine hesitancy and build trust and confidence

  • Navigating Misinformation Guide. How health communicators can navigate the challenges of misinformation

  • Documentary about vaccine confidence created by the family members of the men in the untreated syphilis study

      • Is it the vaccines themselves?  (e.g. concerns about speed of development, side effects, etc.)

      • Their healthcare provider? 

      • The health department?

      • CDC? 

      • Their employer who is encouraging them to get vaccinated?

      • Their local elected officials who are encouraging them to get vaccinated?

  • Rapid community assessment of trust

      • K-12 Schools Operational Strategy

      • Stop the Spread

      • Mental Health

      • COVID-19 Vaccines

      • Mask Up America

      • ​​​​COVID-19 Contact Tracing Communications Toolkit for Health Departments

      • Social Media Toolkit: Variants

Advancing Equity and Racial Justice Through Your COVID Response

Mental health is a critical part of overall health and well-being and the COVID-19 pandemic has further stressed the mental health of our nation. These resources will help provide information on how to help people, communities and our nation heal.

  • El Sol Time to Heal toolkit about recovering after trauma

  • A new report on mental health in the context of the pandemic from Mental Health America including mental health of LGBTQ youth, racial/ethnic minorities

  • Healing the Nation: Recommendations for Addressing Mental Health by Addressing Access to Care, Community Conditions and Changing Systems

A People’s Guide to Healing the Nation which includes recommendations for decriminalization and decarceration of people with mental health conditions

Resources for Specific Communities

  • Resources for specific communities:

Multilingual Resources from the Food and Drug Administration

  • Housing Policy Action Guide (CCI)

    This guide equips community development practitioners with strategies for creating more just and equitable public policies that help advance your work. We look closely at how to select the appropriate policy tools, bring decision makers on board, and communicate effectively with the broader community to achieve your goals.