We are leaning into this moment to chart a path toward equitable recovery, resilience and transformation together.

Communities RISE Together

(Reach, Immunizations, System Change for Equity)

Communities RISE (Reach, Immunizations, System Change for Equity) Together is an alliance of partners connected to 2400+ organizations across the nation who are deeply rooted in communities, and have deep trust with Black, Native-American, Latinx, Asian-American/Pacific-Islander, immigrant/migrant, and low-income older adult populations.




partners with deep roots working with communities experiencing inequities.


states, tribes, and territories engaging in equitable vaccinations, civic capacity building and system change


communities working together to create the conditions for everyone to thrive


people connected to basic needs (food, housing, etc.)


people vaccinated


jobs created in communities of color


Build Trust

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Deepen Civic Capacity

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Transform systems

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RISE Partners are Advancing an Equitable Response in 38+ States, Tribes, and Territories.

Racial and ethnic minorities hit hard by the pandemic (Black, Indigenous, Latinx, immigrant)

Migrant agricultural workers

Low-income rural communities

Youth experiencing poor well-being, including LGBTQ youth

Low income factory workers, employees
Older adults in communities with vaccination rates < 60%

The opportunity to be a partner in the RISE collaboration is incredibly uplifting for the Migrant Clinicians Network,” “We have a long history of partnerships and collaboration. However, the experience of watching RISE come together through the thoughtful process of identifying ‘who needs to be at this table’ was exhilarating. This is a new frontier in community mobilization and we are so pleased to be a part!

Deliana GarciaDirector International Projects and Emerging Issues at MCN

RISE is serving as a powerful mechanism that is enabling us to address this urgent moment with innovation, creativity and bold action to power solutions that do not replicate the limitations of the past.

Angela HarmonCo-Founder of CHROMATIC BLACK

Supporting trusted community groups who are trusted but nontraditional public health workers--volunteers who deliver meals to seniors, the Divine Nine sororities, artists-activists, faith leaders, community organizers who got out the vote who are now getting out the vaccine. These local organizations know best how to reach their neighbors and friends -- with support, they can help to chart a path toward longer term healing and resilience

Somava SahaExecutive Lead of WE in the World and the WIN Network, and co-lead for Communities RISE

We all have a role to play in ending COVID, and this initiative builds on everyone's strengths. Our community-centered workforce already serves as trusted messengers within their neighborhoods, and we are providing the connection to their local public health responders. RISE will strengthen the capacity and reach of public health departments and communities in areas which have been hit the hardest and where people have real reasons to feel mistrust of our systems--but trust each other.

Kevin BarnettCo-lead of RISE and Executive Director of CACHE